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After many suggestions and requests, I am expanding my hand painted miniatures to include Hand-crafted Doll House Furniture in 1/12 scale. If you aren't familiar with this scale, almost all doll houses are in 1/12 scale or more easily put, 1 inch = 1 foot.

To continue bringing you the very best in miniatures, I will have available furniture from the 'House of Miniature' line. These were very popular with the miniaturist hobbiests in the 1970's -1980's. The HOM line is finely crafted furniture that will also have the finest of staining on them. Just imagine walking into a fine furninture store and then looking at mine. The only difference will be the size. Hobbiests are using the HOM line in both doll houses as well as room boxes. Look for these soon, and watch the newsletter for additional information!

Now that you have the finest in furniture, you will want to set it off with the most stunning miniature rugs imported from Ankara, Turkey.

These rugs will be arriving soon. They are in the 1/12 scale just like the furniture! These will NOT be stamped, or knitted, but actually weaved just like the fine rugs that are imported from Turkey. They will also feature the fringe on both ends. The samples will be arriving soon, and will include multiple patterns to better serve your miniaturist needs.


Well, if you have made it this far with me, this will be the page where I will try and tell you what's new and exciting in the world of miniatures.

This web site has been a long time in coming. Having started off selling on eBay under the ID of serenitychimes, I have worked each day to bring a quality product to my customer. The feedback system on eBay, while it has it's flaws, is the closest thing we have to monitoring our behavior. My feedback speaks for itself.

Currently I am working on a number of projects. One that I am very proud of is my 10 piece collection from

Charles Dickens'

A Christmas Carol

Below are the first two pieces in this series, Mr. & Mr. Fezziwig. The complete set will soon be premiering here and will be available in small groups as well as the complete set.

larger image
Mr. & Mrs. Fezziwig
This outstanding grouping is now being made available.These pieces are NOT considered a toy, but a fine collectible. They are painted using the very finest acrylic paints and finished in such a way as to protect your investment for years to come.

larger image
Mr. & Mrs. Fezziwig
These pieces from Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol' are newly available and will be a certain high point in your miniature collection. A stand out, certainly for the Christmas season, but also as a lasting tribute to this famed author. The complete 10 piece collection will soon be available.

I would like to know what you would like. Is there a type of band or figure you would like me to make available? Please let me know. Feel free to email me at streamofserenity@aol.com. At some point I hope to have the email system on this new web site operational. Also, as time permits, when new things are going to be made available, I will feature them on this page along with pictures. Until next time, steve


Well, I didn't expect 'next time' to be so soon, but feel I MUST inform both my established customers and those who are thinking of choosing STEVE'S HAND PAINTED MINIATURES as your next opportunity to add fine miniatures, that my caster, simply the best in the country has been smacked with a whopping increase in the price of metals he uses. Consequently, my prices simply have to be increased. I certainly would RATHER NOT have to do this, but it is just a business decision. I have some stock on hand that I can sell at my regular prices and will do so. This would also be a good time to explain my 'PRE-ORDER' statement in my eBay auctions. My income is such that I cannot carry a large number pieces in stock, so when I list an auction, often times you will see the 'PRE-ORDER'..meaning that when you win the auction, you will pay just like any other auctions, and then I will order the pieces in for my painting. I invite you to review my eBay feedback, or contact me for some personal references, those who have offered to gladly spread the word about the quality of my work. thanks, steve

email me here at steve@steveshandpaintedminiatures.com


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